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Absolutely Not - "Bottom of the Pit" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Chicago post-punk quartet Absolutely Not are getting ready to release their third album, Problematic, in March via No Trend Records (Meat Wave, Ganser, Lifestyles), a record that lashes out at all that is well… problematic. The band takes their position against racism, homophobia, a divided America, and how bleak it feels just trying to live in modern society, centered around their queer identity and a direct punk aggression. Their latest tears apart our Earthbound dilemmas of human decency with an alien sci-fi sound, one that’s sharp and jagged, elastic but ever ready to snap back into position.

The band, led by Donnie Moore (guitar/vocals) and Madison Moore (keys/vocals), make synth punk both pounding and unpredictable, darting around in vivid technicolor or more accurately the band’s signature neon pink and black. Lead single “Bottom of the Pit” repeatedly slams with a primal stuttering rhythm, the entire song contorting in a dance-punk abandon, stoping and starting without warning as they repeatedly alert of to “watch out for Beckys.” It’s dark and menacing but there’s definitely a cartoonish sense of humor to the band’s disjointed bark.

Speaking of the song, Moore offered:

“This song is about the infuriating "Becky's" of the world... those basic, kinda racist, kinda homophobic, (usually white) girls that have no concept of anything going on outside their little bubble. WELL, we're here to help shatter their bubble and exposed them for the ignorant little sheep they are, in our typical half evil/half comical fashion of course. The music itself is a dark, raw, and eerie sounding to slightly juxtapose the comical and bratty visuals and lyrics.”