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Bangzz - "Fresh Cut" EP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

North Carolina’s Bangzz (not to be confused with Olympia’s Bangs, who are most certainly an apt influence) are a ball of feminist punk energy. The duo of Erika Libero (guitar/vocals) and Blair Coppage (drums) are set to release their debut EP, Fresh Cut, this Friday, January 25th, via Self Aware Records (Amanda X, Totally Slow, Mineral Girls), a compact and vicious set of songs that are both fast and loud. It’s a punk record that swings wildly, taking aim at gender inequality, unwanted advances, and dickhead boyfriends with a charismatic fury and a crushing pummel. The band have built a reputation in their scene and beyond for boisterous live shows and they seem to capture that energy on Fresh Cut’s six rapid fire songs.

The titles set the tone, opening with a succession of “Pretty Is A Trap,” “Your Boyfriend's Really Bringing You Down,” “Don't Touch People,” “Never Speak of Marriage As An Achievement,” and so on, Bangzz aren’t here for any macho bullshit and they’re not looking to conform to any cookie cutter stereotypes of the ideal life. The band come crashing out the gate with a buzzsaw mix of riot grrrl and skate punk, their anthems shouted with deadpan lyricism and societal ennui. Libero’s vocals are shouted in an often near spoken melody, raging on top of blistering guitars and the steady pounding of drums. Each song draws its own lines in the sand and burns down all that stand in its way, a rough and ragged call to decency.

Bangzz’s Fresh Cut is out January 25th via Self Aware Records.

Upcoming Shows:
01/26 - Durham, NC @ The Pinhook (Release show)
02/01 - Greenville, SC @ Grandmas House
02/02 - Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone