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Datenight (US) - "Uniform" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Last year Nashville garage punks Datenight (US) released what is considered their “official” full-length debut, Comin’ Athca 100MPH, via Drop Medium Records (The Channels, U-Nix, Blonde Mom). It’s a dirty and blistering blend of power-pop hooks, fuzz, and post-punk abandon, the type that could have easily come from New Zealand in the 80s or our nation’s South in 2018. The trio play it reckless to a point, but the melodies, buried as they may be, are laser etched with sheer precision. The band have been making anxious post-punk bliss for several years, each successive release better than the last. While the band get ready for a new record this Spring, we take one more look at Comin’ Atcha… with a video for album closer “Uniform.”

Directed by the band and edited by their label, the clip features the band doing a bit of custodial work, because let us not forget the song’s dampened repetitive mantra of a hook, “always in uniform.” It’s a fittingly minimalist video for a song that follows suit with scraped guitar chords and near spoken vocals that has Datenight (US) shinning within the dullest of grays.