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Graham Hunt - "Every Person" | Post-Trash Premiere

graham digital art.jpg

by Patrick Pilch (@pratprilch)

It’s been quite the two years for the project hopping, multi-instrumentalist Graham Hunt. Last year’s summertime stint with Dusk followed Midnight Rerun’s 2017 release Spectator Sports—an album built on pint-swigging, boot stomping, Brew City rock. Today we’re thrilled to premiere “Every Person,” Hunt’s lead single of their upcoming LP Leaving Silver City, mixed by Post-Trash’s own Nick Dooley. The musician’s solo work picks up right where Midnight Reruns left off. Big hooks, feel good melodies, and a carefree MO find the Chicago-via-Milwaukee musician crafting some of their finest songs to date. Hunt’s sparky punk tunes turn winding guitar lines into soaring anthemic choruses that leave contrails of quasi-psych undertones beneath a bona fide garage punk grit.

Influenced by Television’s trimmed melodies and Thin Lizzy’s rousing pop hits, Hunt places an emphasis on guitar interplay, blending dizzying twin six-strings throughout “Every Person.” It’s raucous and liberating, hitting like a subtle White Reaper or Titus Andronicus at their most operatic. The track’s anxiety-quelling verse and chorus reconsider social phobia: “Your friends and my friends are the same folks/But I still don’t know what to say to you,” Hunt quips before reconsidering “every person is a fresh start.” With the help of Molly Rosenblum (vocals), Justin Krol (drums) and Tyler Chicorel (bass), Leaving Silver City sounds like a bittersweet celebration, and “Every Person” is its no-holds-barred hit.

Stream “Every Person” right now and be on the lookout for Leaving Silver City, out via Forged Artifacts on 2/22.