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The Convenience - "Don't Play With Magic" | Post-Trash Premiere

ep cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It was the summer of love... or maybe 2018, and The Convenience are getting ready to release their debut EP, which seems to be called EP. The New Orleans duo, comprised of Nick Corson and Duncan Troast (current and former members of Lawn, Video Age, Pudge, and Fishplate), find themselves in a world of psychedelic pop both breezy and instantly catchy. Their retro-leaning jangle is parts Beatles, The Zombies, and maybe a pinch of Gram Parsons thrown in for texture, and while it doesn't feel exceptionally modern, there is an undeniable immediacy to first single "Don't Play With Magic."

The song warbles in without an intro, the inescapable hook making it's presence felt at the one second mark, a warm acoustic guitar punctuating the band's syrupy harmonies. "Don't Play With Magic" is sleek and full of majestic charm, a glistening pop gem that keeps things moving, from one perfectly executed easy going pop structure to the next. The Convenience absolutely excel at this kind of classic AM gold psych homage, their swaying pop as instantly enjoyable as anything you're likely to come across. Cementing each section in rapid succession with grace and comfort, the song that feels triumphantly expansive at just two and a half minutes. Each part is bursting with mesmerizing melodies, delivered over a tight framework that isn't afraid to layer in a bit extra nuance.

The Convenience's EP is out September 15th via Frozen Jab.