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Tongue Party - "Clock Tower" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

I don’t know what it is about Minneapolis (or what it says about it) but the city is a great source for deranged noise rock. It’s the type of history you can really believe in and Tongue Party are carrying the torch with pride on their full length debut Looking For A Painful Death. Released this Spring on the mighty Learning Curve Records (Bummer, Super Thief, The Blind Shake), a label that would make Amphetamine Reptile proud, the album follows last year’s split with USA Nails, and the band filthy distortion, hypnotic pummeling, and abrasive riffs to create the type of scuzz that feels both sinister and utterly infectious. It’s big, brutal, and relentless, the type of music that puts knots in your neck.

“Clock Tower,” the album’s opener, is a rapid blast of extreme stoner sludge and rampaging rhythmic attack, a compulsive trampling that rips until there’s nothing left to rip, digging its way through a cavalcade of shifting riffs and unpredictable drums that hit hard and fast. The video, captures a runner out for a jog, the perfect soundtrack provided courtesy of Tongue Party. As she makes her way through parks and the city, her phone’s camera captures the band, appearing only on screen but never in open space. It’s kinda like They Live… only different.