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Lens Mozer - "Cut My Heart In Two" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Myles Dunhill (@mylesdunhill)

Lens Mozer is an L.A. musician who evokes brightly colored psych pop, and who first made waves last year with the feel-good single “All My Friends.” Drawing upon a bevy of like-minded sunshine California garage pop from decades past as well as more contemporary chill-crafting indie, we get another taste from his forthcoming debut, Don’t Stop, with the brand new track, “Cut My Heart in Two”.

The yearning atmosphere and swirling repetition of “Cut My Heart in Two” immediately ensnares the senses on first listen, yet it’s the subtle evolutions that the track takes which really propel it into instant earworm territory. An uplifting bass line carries the weight of the melody, while reverb-tinged guitar and wide-eyed vocals float complacently above the mix. The soaring chorus that emerges out of the ether creates a beautiful balance of wistful nostalgia and holding on for a brighter future. As the last fragments of the infectious guitar-lead echo out into infinity, the song carries on further into the distance touching the hearts and minds of whomever crosses its path. 

Lens Mozer’s full-length Don’t Stop is due out later this year on Jurassic Plastic.