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Dweller - "Running" | Post-Trash Premiere

Dweller Album Art.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There’s a lot of music out there. A lot of it makes you sad and emotional. Some of it cathartic or energetic. Sometimes though, you just want to feel good… those AM gold vibes. Philadelphia’s Dweller get that, and they’ve brought the breezy vibes on “Running,” a song that blends folk charm with reverberating surf pop, and a touch of overdriven garage rock for pastoral texture. Set to release their a new self-titled album on October 5th via Forged Artifacts (Mr. Husband, Alexander, Plums), the record’s second single brings Summer along with it, a two-step guitar melody and hooks to be found in each lulling verse. It’s a song about getting by, getting high, and running away from it… if only momentarily.

Speaking about the song, the band shared:

“Running is a song about being stuck in and frustrated with the routine of everyday life, about feeling pent-up angst towards the monotony, and choosing to be spontaneous and energetic to combat those feelings. It's a song written for people in their 20s who feel they have no options, and even though the routine and life in general is good and stable, they feel trapped by the inability to make decisions. I wrote this song during a difficult transition into the job path of teaching and its about feeling the tension between my own youth and the idea of responsibility to others younger than myself. Overall, its a song we love to play live as a band and rock out to because we all relate. The song really came alive during the writing process when I brought the song to the guys in our basement practice space after a long week of work we all went through. It's a song I reflect on a lot.”