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Death Makes Brothers Of Us All - "Begets (Movement III)" | Post-Trash Premiere

credit: Marc Estrella

credit: Marc Estrella

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Staten Island's Death Makes Brothers Of Us All is a multi-media project started by AJ Pantaleo (Baked, APMD) and D’Andre Tyre (A Wake in Providence) that came together in the studio as the musicians bonded over a shared love for both music and film. Inspired to create something that channeled both of sides of the artistic coin, they set out to create a trilogy of audio and visual movements, set together to form something bigger than it's individual pieces. After sharing "We Are Brothers (Movement V)" and "For In Death (Movement IV)" the duo present us with the start, "Begets (Movement III)," the last piece of the visionary puzzle.

The video takes a surreal and claustrophobic atmosphere and matches it exceptionally to the band's ominous and destructive churn. Opening as the duo both walk into a building with long hallways, eerie elevators, and some strobe-adjacent lighting, the intensity is ramped up as we turn to black-and-white film and the age old question... who is chasing who, and why is everyone running? In this case, we never get that answer as Pantaleo and Tyre are left in the void, their machine-gun drums, buzz saw guitars, and drifting menace setting the tone.