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Coaster - "Shaken" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Sometimes in the face of future uncertainty, the mystery of what lies ahead can bring out the best in our current lives. Case in point, Chicago's Coaster are set to release their sophomore album, Stuck With It, on August 31st, and while they don't know how the chips may fall as Matt Kissinger (vocals/guitar) moves out West, their latest finds the artful punk band at their very best; tight, propulsive, and as exuberant as ever. The band, who share members with many Chicago DIY mainstays (Options, Longface, Pet Symmetry), still sparkle with an unpredictable yet eager force, and they've really found their footing over sinewy guitars and elastic melodies that dart between Kissinger's vocals and the sea of tangled riffs.

First single "Shaken" is a fantastic re-introduction to the band, a jagged pop song contorted through post-hardcore's dexterity and dynamics, with just the right amount of emotive flailing and syllable stretching vocals. The song locks in, grinds forward on with nimble tippy-toes like movements, and simply rips through every detached chord progression like a seasoned student of the Dismemberment Plant, Faraquet, and Jawbox era of Dischord's output. The song breaks and sputters, switching time signatures melodic direction, snapping back into place as Kissinger howls and yelps in perfect unison. Hell, it even sounds like they're having a lot of fun.

Coaster's Stuck With It is out August 31st.