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Leadrs - "Waste" | Post-Trash Premiere

Nailbiter album art.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

With two EPs released last year in quick succession, Philadelphia duo Leadrs are getting ready to release their full length debut, Nail Biter, next month on September 14th. Lead single "Waste" finds Jimmie Atchley and co. in full on fuzzy shred mode, a low burning melody buried under a shimmering blast of overdriven guitar noise and raw atmosphere. It's loud and ragged pop, and damn if it doesn't feel pretty good. There's a lo-fi quality to the attack, the caterwauling guitars scratching like rust on tissue paper while the vocals reside just below the freeform noise pop, structuring the melody with repetition that works as texture more than focus. The video is kind of like those old "happy feet" commercials (anyone else remember that), a simple visual representation of the bedroom fuzz sound and the carefree sprawl of the distortion. Don't think too hard, just let this one rip.

Consider us intrigued to hear what the rest of the record has to offer.

Leadr's Nail Biter is out September 14th.