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Champagne Superchillin' - "Beach Deep" LP | Post-Trash Premiere

champagne superchillin cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There are two things you should know before we go any further. I don't speak a word of French and it took me far too long to listen to Champagne Superchillin' based entirely on their name. Those two factors aside, the Brooklyn art-pop band's sophomore album is stunning, an album that's heavily repeatable and hazily intricate. The story goes that French expat Juliette Buchs would get homesick and would resolve that by performing French pop karaoke for her friends. Her incredible voice struck in chord with pals Ben Trimble (Fly Golden Eagle) and Charles Garmendia (Clear Plastic Masks) and Champagne Superchillin's retro futurism sound began to take shape. Taking notes from Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, the yé-yé movement, and Broadcast, the band's music is soft and ethereal but heavy with nuance, texture... and well, vibes, sweet sweet vibes.

Beach Deep, the band's sophomore album is a genuine work of art. Due out on Friday, July 20th via Broken Circles and Soft Junk, their experimental French pop sound swirls with touches of retro perfection, warped psych, sweeping touches of R&B charm, and gentle electronics, executed with a steady grace. The layers are delicately packed and percolating at all times. There's the brief dream pop bliss that comes from the guitar solo in "DJ Scott," the menacing low end beauty of "Armée Du Salut," the hauntingly sparse slow burn b/w acoustic motorik boogie of "Rosa Canina," and the shimmering surf groove of the album's title track "Beach Deep." It's always adapting, taking new shape, but remaining intrinsically cohesive, a vision of art-pop at its very best.

Without speaking the language, the music, melodies, and Buchs' gorgeous vocal presence speak their own sentiments, offering an exploratory freedom and beauty that can be appreciated by all.