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Kiss Concert - "Cammo Whammo" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

In the two years since Kiss Concert's last release, Humor, the band have really blossomed. Their brand of distinctly Massachusetts post-hardcore, punk, and clamoring indie rock has become more refined, more nuanced, and overall more capable of just about anything they've set their sights toward. The trio are set to release Look Bad/Feel Bad on July 27th via Midnight Werewolf Records (Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Milk, Kal Marks), the band's full length debut with production and mixing from Alex Molini (Stove, Titus Andronicus), Jesse Weiss (Palehound, Pet Fox), and Jack Pombriant (We Can All Be Sorry). It's a dynamic record that pulls each members individual songwriting strengths and combines them into something cohesive and well-paced, but more importantly, each song rips in its own unique way.

"Cammo Whammo" is the album's first single; a massive, fuzzy introduction to the record that rides an elastic riff off into the horizon, bursting up just as the skyline fades. Clocking it at about a minute and a half, it's a quick resolve, but the Gio Coviello (drums/vocals) led track is a certified burner, tearing between syrupy power-pop propulsion and throat shattering outbursts that color the melody rather than distract from it. Like a classic Superdrag song, the earworm hooks come through in both the vocals and the overdriven guitars, working together in equal measure to seep their way into your subconscious in rapid time, but not a moment to waste. 

Kiss Concert's Look Bad/Feel Bad is out July 27th via Midnight Werewolf Records.