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Glass Famine - "Grumbling Bellies" | Track Review


by Louis Marrone (@LouisJ_Marrone)

In some respects, the debut single from Chicago’s Glass Famine, “Grumbling Bellies,” reminds me of something from Lou Reed. Hear me out here. The song has a relaxing and laid back sound. There is this groggy atmosphere to the recording; an apathetic sounding, yet artistically curated and charming vocal arrangement. The way that the harmonies, as well as the strings and symbols act as morning-dew covered fingers that message the brain with an ASMR like crispness. When layered over a simplistic, yet catchy guitar riff and a soft drumline, it creates this cloud of audio smog that surrounds the speakers as it’s being played. Simply put, it’s a really interesting, stand out sound that can really be compared to something like “Perfect Day”. Lyrically, the song is clad in a rather poetic cloth. There is a lot to be interpreted in lines like “Grumbling bellies voice concern/They work in and out/Search the sea for the starlets.”

Glass Famine is a fairly new project. They describe themselves as being “absolute beginners,” and it shows. Aside from the somewhat crude production (meant in the best way possible), the band is planning on independently releasing their as of now untitled debut compilation sometime later this year. The word “indie” is thrown around a lot these days, to the point where the meaning is kind of lost. Here is an example where, honestly, it truly is deserving of such a distinction.

If this single is any indication of what is to come, then Glass Famine is definitely something to keep an eye out for. I do hope they build on this and create more sonic variations within their playing. I hope to see experimentations within this slice of chill-core indie rock. We’ll know for sure when they release their debut LP, but until then, this track will surely satisfy the hunger growls in your belly.