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Lié - "Hounds" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Sacha Kingston-Wayne

Post-Trash is pleased to premiere Hounds, the new album by Vancouver, BC’s Lié. Hounds is a robust punk record made by a band who sound furious and uneasy about everything around them. The stream, along with a brief interview, can be found below.

Post-Trash: Does Hounds feel like an evolution from previous album CONSENT for you?

Lié: We tried to branch out from our comfort zone. Allowing for melodies to penetrate the familiar dissonance that we were accustomed to. We also pushed ourselves to go harder and faster in some of the tracks. We also evolved in terms of how the songs were recorded, a lot more time was spend on crafting an aesthetic to our sound through the harnessing of feedback, layering, and other intentionally crafted elements.

PT: What can you tell us about your upcoming music video?

L: We shot the music video for "Fill It Up" in the forest. We lit things on fire (safely). We smashed mirrors. In contrast to our last video for "Can’t Get Enough" which was a bit lighter, more fun; this one leans on the darker side, more stripped down and slightly dreamlike. The idea is to replicate a feeling, a sense of restlessness that mirrors that of the lyrical content. We worked with Lucien Cyr on this video.

PT: How do you want people to feel when they hear these new songs?

L: We want people to connect, both lyrically and sonically, in the same way that they do during our live performance. We want people to move, to feel inspired, to be excited. We are hoping to inspire a reaction that challenges oppressive structures, and fuels change.

PT: Do you find that the Vancouver punk scene tends more toward being inclusive or isolating?

L: Vancouver in and of itself can be isolating, but once you break through certain barriers and find an entry point, the scene is very supportive. However, Vancouver has a long way to go to in that there are still many lineups that are primarily white, and cis-dominated. The dialogue around inclusive spaces and lineups is happening, and there has undoubtedly been a shift in the years since we started performing as a band, but the scene still has a long way to go.

Lié's Hounds it out July 6th via Mint Records.