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Nopes - "Immersion" | Post-Trash Premiere

nopes cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Let it be known, Nopes are one of our absolute favorite bands on the West Coast. Last year we had the pleasure of sharing a single from the short and riotous Fun Limbo EP and today we're thrilled to premiere "Immersion," the first taste of the band's corrosive new album, Stapler. Don't judge this book (or record) by it's cover, the Oakland noise punk band's sophomore full-length is pretty much as good as it gets. A triumphant upheaval of fuzzy guitar shredding as thick as bricks rhythms, the band tread between balls to the wall noise rock, slacker punk, and the SST glory days, in their own delightfully volatile way.

"Immersion" is as titled, immersive from the opening thud. The low end comes cracking with a thunderous bass line, reminiscent of The Jesus Lizard and more recently, Blacklisters, a comparison I would never make lightly. It digs and grinds with a sure footed groove, as mesmerizing as it is filthy. The guitars ring and scrape around the colossal rhythm, churning their own sweltering assault on your senses. By the time Alex Petralia's vocals come howling in through the layers of mud and feedback, the band sound unhinged and rather immaculate doing so. "Immersion" picks up on the promise that Never Heard Of It and Fun Limbo hinted at, pushing the band further into unbridled noise glory.

In case the song wasn't already enjoyment enough, the video is real fun too. There's an epic battle, an alien, and some good natured hugging. Hot damn, we really love this band. Check out their tour dates below. I will wait (im)patiently for some East Coast dates.

Tour Dates:

10/05: San Luis Obispo, CA
10/06: San Diego, CA
10/07: Tucson, AZ
10/08: Las Cruces, NM
10/09: Marfa, TX
10/10: Dallas, TX
10/11: Nashville, TN
10/12: Chattanooga, TN
10/13: Atlanta, GA
10/14: Hattiesburg, MS
10/15: New Orleans, LA
10/16: Houston, TX
10/17: Austin, TX
10/18: El Paso, NM
10/19: Phoenix, AZ
10/20: Los Angeles, CA

Nopes' Stapler is out July 27th via Magnetic Eye Records.