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Chain - "Colder" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

You don't have to know anything about Portland's Chain to understand that "Colder" is a great song, you just have to listen to it. While all the members have played in other bands previously (Rod, Naked Hour, Riled), Chain is a new beginning for the trio, and a stunning one at that. Later this summer the band is set to release their debut EP via the awesome Good Cheer Records (Floating Room, Cool American, Gillian Frances) and "Colder" is the perfect first taste, an incredible introduction to Teal Bluestone and company's latest project.

"Colder" is ripe with swooning harmonies and a mesmerizing melody, banged out in loud, clean, chord progressions and tangled rhythms. Things slide together in the hook and force tension amid the sweetest touches of Bluestone's voice as she emphatically states, "you're not my baby". Speaking about the song, Bluestone shared, "I think we've have all had those buddies who never feel like they're on the same team as you, this song is a cheers to them". It's not exactly a positive notion, but the song takes it on with a humorous approach and a strength in pure harmonic force. It's gorgeous and it gets better with every listen.