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High Pony - "Nothing Here Is Mine" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The emotions to be felt in High Pony's sophomore album Nothing Here Is Mine are unwound and rampant with anxious energy. There's nothing tidy about it, the band are taking the backseat and letting everything spill out. From opener "Off To Kill Myself" and it's big pop riffs to the Built to Spill and Modest Mouse influenced slink of closer "Singin' Through Your Hell," the Brooklyn quintet have refined their sound and the sheer power of their enormous swirling guitars without needing to smooth out the edges. Allowing their songs to seethe with nervy and earnest collapses, everything is kept afloat with a great attention to sonic detail and space for each instrument to really ring out independently. Songs like the blistering and slurred "Lighter Moment" and the elastic feedback of the title-track carry High Pony through fuzz and twang, bending and taking shape to fit the feelings at their core.

It's an exceptional record from a band that's really only getting started.