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Luna Honey - "Evolution" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Washington, DC quartet Luna Honey are getting ready to release their debut album, Peace Will Grind You Down, via Blight. Records on July 13th. The band's music is a synthesized blend of dark and minimal goth punk and trip-hop, taking the blueprint of bands like Portishead and Sneaker Pimps and adapting it with their own haunting beauty. Lead singer Maura Pond's voice is in cool control over the stark and arid beats, a light beaming from the dark yet still immersed in the shadows.

"Evolution" plays out like a slow drip into a dystopian future, slinking about in an apathetic fog. There's a feeling of dread as Pond repeats "and it's over," though the song's gorgeous din is lulling even at it's most dangerous. A song seemingly based in the depletion of natural resources and society's disdain for nature leading our way into the apocalypse, Luna Honey paint dread with a beautiful grace. The mechanical hits of Benjamin Schurr's (also of Br'er) drum machine sets the crawling pace for Pond and Levi Flack's baritone and bass guitars, pulling all frequencies, aside from the stunning vocals, deep into the depths.

Luna Honey's Peace Will Grind You Down is out July 13th via Blight. Records.