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Woolen Men - "Brick Horizon" | Post-Trash Premiere

Post cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

One of Portland's finest, Woolen Men are back with a new record, and a reminder that their blend of dusty indie rock and post-punk is as good as it gets. It's been three years since the trio released the spectacular Temporary Monument and the subsequent Options EP (as well as last year's tour tape collection Lucky Box), and the return is more than welcome. Post, due out September 1st via Dogs Table Records, is a reflection of a post-everything mentality, and judging by the first single, one of our most anticipated album's of the Fall.

"Brick Horizon," the album's opener is built on a krautrock rhythm, grooving with razor sharp propulsion. The band continue to blend motorik rigidness with twangy fuzz, an offsetting feeling that they've mastered over the years. The vocals add a casually human element to their rumbling onslaught, singing "there's no escaping the rust, surrender to it" void of emotion, but not without feeling. The pulse never shifts, but Woolen Men color it with melodic nuances, pulling elements from garage and folk in equal measure, reshaping their influences into their own widescreen punk. Woolen Men are a national treasure, and with an upcoming European tour this September together with Honey Bucket, they are soon to be an international treasure. Attention European bookers, the band are coming over... now it's just a matter of bringing them to your town, get in touch at 

European Tour Dates:

06/09 - Aarhus, DK @ Tape
07/09 - Copenhagen, DK @ Stengade
08/09 - Aalborg, DK @ 1000FRYD
09/09 - Berlin, DE @ TBC
10/09 *
11/09 *
12/09 - Warsaw, PL @ TBC
13/09 *
14/09 *
15/09 *
16/09 *
17/09 *
18/09 *
19/09 *
20/09 *
21/09 - Antwerp, BE @ Het Bos
22/09 *

* available dates