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Palberta - "Fake-Out" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Palberta resides comfortably at the center of our modern-day experimental punk renaissance, their growing catalog inspiring wider audiences with each release. Forever toeing the line between post-punk and performance art, their songs are focused, but their personalities really shine through any of their contorted approaches to pop perfection. With three singles from their upcoming album Roach Goin' Down already available, it's clear that Palberta are working with a new level of clarity at no cost to their sense for detached and segmented adventure.

"Fake-Out" is an infectious track, with a burning intro that would make the Wipers proud. The trio take turns pecking short leads with raw distortion and open space coming together to reinforce each stuttering melody and the thunderous bass warble. It's an incredible framework and by the time the vocals appear nearly half-way through the song's constricted runtime, everything boils into the most gentle madness. With each members voice casually swirling around, they offer immaculate harmonies and divergent paths, layering vocals and interweaving lyrics. It could just be the best Palberta have ever sounded, and that says a lot.

Palberta's Roach Goin' Down is out June 15th via Wharf Cat Records.