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Scrunchies - "Stunner" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The world was first introduced to Minneapolis' Scrunchies back in January when the band released their corrosive debut single "Wichita," a song that positioned the band between the rage and passion of early 90's punk and distorted garage rock fury. Led by Kitten Forever's Laura Larson, the band is rounded out by Bree Meyer (Double Grave), Danielle Cusack (Bruise Violet), and Stephanie Jo Murck (Tony Peachka). While Larson's long running band just released Semi-Permanent, a new album of their own, Scrunchies' full length debut Stunner is set for release this Friday, June 1st, via Forged Artifacts. Built on a framework of agitated riot grrrl combustion and shout-along anthems, their songs are set in attack mode, breaking down any walls and barriers placed before them.

Lead single "Wichita," which opens the album, is the perfect introduction, a rusty powerhouse of clamoring aggression and inescapable hooks, a punk song that laughs (literally) and decimates. With fuzz soaking the proceedings, songs like "Double Vision" and "Nice Try" use that rawness to scrape and thrash, tearing their way through the noise with pointed focus and rattled shouts. It's not all pummel and chaos though as "Eavesdropping" and "Gradient" opt for a melodic grunge sort of burn, the distortion rolling forward like lava slowly eating everything in it path over enormous power chord enlightenment. The songs are filled with catchy hooks and relentless riffs, anthems that worm their way deep into your head, to be shouted loud and often. This is the release of emotions that has no time for sympathy, as they prove on the decimating "Fine Grind" and title-track shred-fest "Stunner," Scrunchies and here to rip and destroy.

Scrunchies' Stunner is out June 1st via Forged Artifacts.