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Jess Ledbetter - "Sentimental" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

With her band HoneyrudeJess Ledbetter makes hard charging reverb soaked rock. She’s recently put out Slow Desert, a new solo EP on Shifting Sounds that has a softer tint to the music. There’s a roadside in the middle of nowhere, desert night vibe to the music which reminds one of The Smiths and Mazzy Star. It’s an EP that makes sense not being under the Honeyrude umbrella. "Sentimental" is the second single from the EP and we’re happy to premiere the video.

Directed by Cyrus Moshrefi in collaboration with Ledbetter, the video shows Ledbetter dragged to some point and time that may not be her’s. Across the video, Ledbetter explores this new place that is desolate and possibly run down, dreams that never came to fruition, thoughts of the past. These all come to mind but then again, one might just be sentimental. This is cut with Ledbetter dancing alone in a closed off room giving one the impression she might not be traveling anywhere physically, but it’s only a trip taken in the mind. It’s a video that captures the mood of the song and the EP.

Jess Ledbetter's Slow Desert is out now via Shifting Sounds.