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Clearance - "Had A Fantastic" | Post-Trash Premiere

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by David Anthony (@dbanthony)

Clearance has always had a way of feeling a part of a larger scene without getting stuck in any single one. In Chicago, they don’t find direct commonality with any one world, as they’re able to move between camps with ease. In that way, Clearance fit in everywhere, and fit in nowhere, all at once. But it makes sense that for their second album, which they jokingly refer to as “the rumored sequel,” they’ve linked up with Topshelf Records, and on July 27, At Your Leisure will make its way into the world. 

“Had A Fantastic” is the first song from the record, and it takes their influences—like, say, the breezy stomp of The Clean—and make it into something that feels theirs. At its core, “Had A Fantastic” sees Mike Bellis leading the band through the kind of song that’s seemingly built for humid summer days, as the oppressive heat gives way to a relief that’s both earned and fleeting. Clearance once again display their ability to put their influences out in the open but not play by any strict rules, allowing themselves to take simple movements and string them together until they become one big hook. It’s a gambit that a lot of people try, especially as bands keep pulling from the sounds of Dunedin, but it feels natural for Clearance. After all, they’ve always been good at fitting in spaces you wouldn’t expect. 

At Your Leisure is out July 27 on Topshelf Records. 

At Your Leisure tracklist:

1. Chances Are
2. Destination Wedding
3. Frozen Orange / No Wonder
4. Had A Fantastic
5. Rumored Sequel
6. Haven't You Got the Time?
7. Another Arrow
8. Days Underwater
9. Gallery Glare
10. On The Doorstep
11. Bird's-Eye View (Of the Back of the Room)