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Lawn - "My Boy" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Lawn's full length debut is a special record, as adept in post-punk jangle as it is radiant retro-tinged psych-pop. The New Orleans based duo are putting songwriting first, and heading wherever that may lead them second. Its an approach that could leave an album sounding scattered, but Blood On The Tracks is an impeccable listen, shifting seamlessly and creating a carefree cohesion. Seemingly pulling influences from The Clean and Wire as well as The Beatles and The Zombies, it's all a bit off-kilter, but it's undeniably focused on bent pop structures. The album is undeniably interesting and immediately accessible.

"My Boy," the record's third single is tightly wound and steadily driving, a track that's jangly but strictly composed. There's an urgency to the shortened scrapes of guitars and the wide open bass strokes. The vocals add that caustic post-punk spoken charm reminiscent of Television or Gang of Four, with some extra harmonies thrown in for good measure. It's those harmonies and other little nuances that Mac Folger (vocals/guitar) and Ruy De Magalhaes (bass/vocals) pepper in throughout that really add to the magic of the single, the ear candy in an otherwise straight forward post-punk warble.

Lawn's Blood On The Tracks is out May 11th via Forged Artifacts.