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Giant Peach - "Vertigo" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

New York's Giant Peach are set to release their sophomore album, But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing, this June via Dead Broke Records, a record that makes more than a few changes to the sound of their Don Giovanni released debut. While their previous work opted for an indie punk sound, their latest album offers a scenic approach to their sonic splendor, open and sprawling over the course of a warm and meditative hour. There's a ton of detail and nuance, with the band exploring their surroundings and using the studio to push new territory previously unexplored.

“Vertigo,” the album's second single is one of two songs led by co-guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Mike Naideau. The song's thick, swirling, distortion and smoothed-out attack offers a new look at Giant Peach when compared to Frances Chang's gorgeously layered vocals and heart-on-sleeve lyrics. Speaking about "Vertigo," the band shared: 

"The song is a driving and therapeutic piece that confronts and challenges the human experience of dealing with moments of no control, intense sadness, regression, and falling. But its ultimate focus is on the fleetingness of life. The lyrics place great emphasis on the idea that moments of ‘vertigo’ will pass, and that though these moments may be initially shocking or challenging, one must stay afloat."

The video, shot and edited by Naideau himself, captures the city in constant motion. With images both fuzzy and overlayed, the momentum never stops, moving head down from one place to the next, a tour of anxious surroundings with a steady propulsion and a drive to always move forward.

Giant Peach's But You Made Me Such A Beautiful Thing is out June 1st via Dead Broke Records. The first 100 copies of the LP are available on limited-edition ocean colored vinyl.