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Nate Terepka - "Listen Alone" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Best known as one half of the core creative force behind Brooklyn psych-pop luminaries ZulaNate Terepka is stepping out on his own with Sunlight Farm, a new solo EP that fittingly enough is a reflection on isolation. Due out May 25th via Fox Food Records, Terepka uses the framework of his main gig and expands it further into his idiosyncratic art-pop bliss. Written in part during the summer of 2016 in rural Maine, "Listen Alone" was written the night he arrived, fresh from the city and embracing his new-found seclusion.

"There was the stillness of the woods and the lake, but I couldn't escape my NYC anxiety and thinking about the upcoming election. I was thinking about solitude--how I relentlessly seek it out, while also fearing the ultimate inevitability of being alone in death," shared Terepka.

"Listen Alone" opens with a futuristic groove, slowly warping its way into Terepka's cascading keys, and while loneliness may be the issue at hand, it's hard to escape the grand nature of the song's cosmic wandering. Blending both natural and unnatural elements, the song bends perception, Terepka singing "setting up the days position, so carefully alone". It's a travel song where the journey is seclusion, for better or worse, the unknown is a destination both revered and frightening.  

Nate Terepka's Sunlight Farm is out May 25th via Fox Food Records.