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Momma - "Sidewalk" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Myles Dunhill (@MylesDunhill)

L.A.’s Momma are a teenage duo that capture just that; the fleeting innocence and hardships of growing up. Here, that subject matter is given full attention on their first single, "Sidewalk," from the forthcoming album, Interloper, via Danger Collective Records. It’s a universal message that can be embraced by anyone reflecting on or currently going through such tumultuous experiences. 

Stylistically drifting somewhere between a lullaby and a shimmering hint of the indie classic, "Sunday" from Sonic Youth, "Sidewalk," has an almost wispy quality with its lilting melody and airy vocals anchored by dry guitar and a steady beat. And yet its this minimalism which makes its themes even more stark. While the first word dropped in the track’s verse happens to be the word ‘pavement’ (appropriate for a song about a sidewalk) immediately springing to mind the nonchalance of the band of the same name, "Sidewalk," exists in its own carefree world inhabited by the two friends that make up Momma. For anyone else listening in, it’s a profoundly personal and beautiful place to visit. 

Momma's Interloper is out May 25th via Danger Collective Records.