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High Pony - "Dolphins Cry" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn's High Pony just released their full length debut album, Seen A Change, back in December, but the band found themselves back in the studio almost immediately. The results are their sophomore album, Nothing Here Is Mine, due out June 8th. Picking up the momentum from their last release and hurtling forward without over gestating ideas, High Pony have leveled up. Produced and recorded by Adam Reich and Brad Fisher at Second Base (Sunset Park, NYC) and Sine Studios (Philadelphia, PA), the song's sound urgent and caustic, thrashing at maximum volume, guitars pummeling everything in sight. With only the difference of several months, High Pony have taken a wide leap in both temperament and arrangement, opting for immediacy and corrosive distortion to balance the untamed vocal approach.

"Dolphins Cry," (not to be confused with the Live song... thank the lord), is the album's first single, a rip roaring burst of aggressive fuzz and shredded joy. The song's catchy melody is juxtaposed by vocalist/guitarist Seth Goldman's throat shattering yelps, creating abrasive verses that subside into calm hooks. It's a topsy-turvy song without much concern for pop structures, leading from one enormous section into the next, full of passionate discordance and layered guitar noise that seep out of every crack. The song finds Goldman teetering between a better future and self-doubt, with lines like "it's a long way down / when you're always looking up" and "it's been one hell of a ride / don't you get off now". It's a song about changing your perspective, and knowing you're not alone in doing so.

High Pony's Nothing Here Is Mine is out June 8th.