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Groupie - "Power By Design" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn's Groupie are getting ready to release their sophomore EP, Validated, on April 27th via Disposable America, but don't let the name fool you, they aren't anyone's clingy hanger-ons. The trio of Johanna Kenney (guitar), Ashley Kossakowski (bass), and Roger Cabrera (drums) are making music to challenge the mainstream's thinking, from our dismal government to normalized societal pressures. All three members of the band contribute vocals with tri-lingual roots in English, Spanish, and Polish, adding both a sense of personal belonging and impassioned individualism.

"Power By Design," the EP's lead single opens with a funk-tinged post-punk, complete with lounge guitars and hand-claps. It's tightly wound and constantly driving. The song takes stabs at our political climate with a cool sheen, enraged but melodic, demanding change with a stylized fury. With lyrics in both English and Spanish, the band encourage you to enact change, offering a friendly reminder, "will you just sit back and kiss the ring? that's power by design". Mixing aggravated vocals with the song's forward pulsing boogie, Groupie are shaking things up on multiple accounts.

Groupie's Validated is out April 27th via Disposable America.