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A Beacon School - "I Don't Believe It" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

New York's A Beacon School is the solo project of Patrick J Smith, a multi-instrumentalist who has cut his teeth playing with Modern Rivals, Bluffing, and Fiasco over the years. Cola, set for release on March 23rd via Grind Select (All Boy, All Girl, Museyroom, Pine Barons), is Smith's solo debut, a confident record that darts between genres with a seasoned approach. It's a new beginning, but years of collaboration have given the effort a sure footing.

While first single "Algernon" took a decidedly danceable approach to indie pop, second single "I Don't Believe It" takes its cues from the power-pop greats, a neat and focused ripper, dripping with melodic charm and guitar based hooks. There's a defiantly punchy element to the bouncing guitars and the steady surge of the delivery, barreling forward with a slick sheen. The songs works itself into an extended bridge, laying a dreamy framework for Smith's gentle repetition, "nothings meant to be".

A Beacon School's Cola is out March 23rd via Grind Select.