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Gosh! - "The Dishwasher" | Post-Trash Premiere

GOSH! - Odyssey - Album Cover.jpg

by Dylan Pennell (@dylan_pennell)

Art is hard. Being in a band is probably harder. Tim Kasher even used to scream it. Remember?  So why aren’t there more great albums about the perils of the process? Enter Padraig Steadman and Claire Lambach, crashing back on the scene in all of their lovably messy glory as Chicago’s DIY mainstays Gosh! On their upcoming album Odyssey the band brings their brand of seemingly tossed-off pop energy to a batch of songs about what they know best: being in a band. Between engine failures and lost drummers, the band-life probably weighs heavy on these folks, and though the lyrics to new single/video “The Dishwasher” might allude to a life of artistic failures and disappointments, the accompanying visuals cement the undeniable sense of mischief and discovery in the music too. Paired with a series of goofy surrealist at-home clips of the band, the images highlight the ectopic looseness the band are able to find even in their darkest recorded sentiments.

Gosh!'s Odyssey is due out May 11th via Nicey Music.