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Eggs! - "In Four Parts" LP | Post-Trash Premiere

Eggs! Album Cover for Digital.jpg

by Myles Dunhill (@MylesDunhill)

Eggs! are a Chicago trio of scruffy rockers making slapdash indie pop in the vein of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 or even Ween, only with the strangeness turned down a few while the playful humor and eccentric taste remains in tact. With the opening notes of Thus Spoke Zarathustra being delivered acapella followed by verses ripped right out of One Tin Soldier Rides Away, the mission statement of In Four Parts is triumphantly proclaimed on the opening number, "Life Is Not An Arrow," and the twenty tracks that follow are a whole smorgasbord of cribbed song melodies and slacker sensibilities. As if song titles like "Nothing To Look Forward To" and "Slow Down" weren’t a dead giveaway for this personalized brand of half-assed outlooks and youth-viewed cynicism.

However, the music itself is anything but lazy. Eggs! are certainly content to spoon feed their audience fragments from any remotely hummable ear candy that may have arrived in their head from years past. Yet, the freewheeling nature and dedicated assembly to these songs feel pure and almost innocent at times. But that’s an obvious skill for a band that’s well aware of the type of music and feeling they want to convey, and in the way that Eggs! do it, it’s also a blast to listen to.

Eggs!'s In Four Parts is out March 22nd via Sooper Records.