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Pariuh - "Quad" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Miami's Pariuh are an odd bunch, a compliment we don't give lightly. Set to release Family Witchcraft Attack on March 23rd via Moniker Records, the band make a twitchy unnerving brand of noise pop and aggravated sardonic punk. The end results sound something like a mix between Devo and Tripping Daisy, a combination I only now realize I've been waiting for my entire life. The duo's squiggling contusions are based around free form melodies and rubberband like elasticity, focused and undeniably pop, no matter how strange things may get.

"Quad," the EP's second single is as infectious as it is restless, the band offering their own deranged "walk around the quad" with four distinct movements explored during the song's sub-two minute runtime. That many changes in that short of time could sound spastic or scattered in the hands of most bands, but Pariuh have a gift for such things, transitioning from section to section with a natural grace. Things get messy, sure, but only to the song's benefit. The VHS-styled video features a "message pool" and plenty of overlapping images, staggered, yet oddly focused on the simplistic narrative. It's weird. It's great. It's Pariuh.

Pariuh's Family Witchcraft Attack is out March 23rd via Moniker Records.