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Most Likely - "Steve" | Track Review


by Nathan Springer (@drownloading)

Most Likely (formerly Planet Manhood) is the solo outlet of Austin’s Sam Houdek (Growl, Why Bonnie, Alexalone). Last year’s EP Mistake House found Sam seemingly effortlessly piling hook after hook into a lean 15 minutes of crunchy, catchy rock. “Steve,” the first song released from Most Likely’s upcoming debut full-length, is a continuation and sharpening of the songwriting chops displayed on Mistake House. The lighthearted lyrics, serving as an ode to a beloved cat, belie the melancholy of the song’s arrangement. “Steve” also marks a step up in recording quality, standing in stark contrast to the lo-fi quality of Mistake House while still retaining an honest charm. Check out “Steve” below, and stay tuned for Most Likely’s upcoming full-lentgth release.