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Ama - "Love Demons" | Post-Trash Premiere

love demons art.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Ama are set to release Trilogy in early March, the Austin, TX quartet's second EP, which is in fact three songs if you were wondering why it's called Trilogy. It's really best not to get hung up on these sort of things, especially when the lead single is as great as "Love Demons" is. Following the release of last year's Losing Less EP and its trail of ultra-sticky melodies, Blair Robbins and company are still writing sugary pop filtered through fuzzy distortion, and they've never sounded better. 

"Love Demons" is seething power pop ripper a la Veruca Salt or The Breeders, the kind that balances their destructive riffs with a stunning sweetness oozing from their core. Locked into a steady backbeat and a power overdriven crunch, Robbins' offers her own truths about love, both divine and demonic. The vocal melodies sit perfectly mixed just above the din and feedback, focusing your attention without subverting from the song's gnarly crunch and the tangled twang of the Meat Puppets inspired bridge.

Ama's Trilogy is out March 9th via Two Moons.