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Cindy Doe - "Cold" EP | New and Notable


by Sean Deveney (@autonomousnloud)

A mental haze blankets the two songs on Cold by Cindy Doe. It’s the kind of haze you get into when the weather or something else forces you inside. You go through the motions and lock yourself away, but your emotions remain and sometimes boil over.

“Strange” bounces along reflectively and intensifies with each moment, reaching screeching proportions towards the end. The vocals are buried within the fuzz that settles in much like how one’s thoughts are impacted and reconfigured by circumstances that set a tone that can be hard to emerge from. The light and somewhat melancholic riffs are also placed alongside this exploding fuzz in a twisted manner that amplifies pent-up feelings and sends them screaming into the streets. 

The opening to “You Know It’s True” smacks you in the face to make sure you listen. The wave of fuzz once again washes over you, and you are submerged in your own head before you realize it. The driving melody relentlessly makes you feel the desperation of recollections that tear at your emotions as you sit cooped up with your thoughts and hiding from the cold.