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Grace Vonderkuhn - "Reveries" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Myles Dunhill (@MylesDunhill)

The scrappy, fuzzed out, cathartic stompers of Grace Vonderkuhn’s Reveries are the type of jams that lodge themselves deep into both your head and heart while avoiding most garage pop clichés. Spanning longer song-form explorations as well as the usual two-to-three minute blasts, the sparky punk immediacy of tracks like, “Worry” and “Cellophane” can’t simply be outdone. Reveries is a concise release filled with fun energy and hooks-upon-hooks, firmly planting itself as an early contender for one of 2018’s first great punk records. 

Relying on personal and relatable lyrics, simple melodies with extra dirt sprinkled on top, and a ramshackle driving guitar pushing through the mix, Grace proves that burning youthful intensity and expert pop craftsmanship go hand-in-hand, and she restates her case time-and-time again on each of these ten ‘reveries’ living up to the album’s title and delivering loads of promise. After dropping a record this solid there is surely plenty to anticipate from this mesmerizing up-and-comer. 

Grace Vonderkuhn's Reveries is out February 23rd via Egghunt Records.