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Good News - "Feed / St. Pete" | Post-Trash Premiere

180206_good_news_st.pete-1 (1).png

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Good news everybody! Good News is sharing their new single "Feed" b/w "St. Pete," a double dose of the band's mesmerizing post-punk. The New York band (comprised from members of Nap and Little Leaguer) began with a purpose, an overwhelming desire to expand their punk rock palette with free improvisation and extended "jams" in the live setting. Combining influences that range from Fugazi and Devo to Can and The Grateful Dead, Good News' recordings are feral and unpredictable, punchy yet hypnotic. "Feed" b/w "St. Pete" is the band's second two-song single, a surefooted introduction into both their blunt post-punk minimalism and their expanded grooves.

"Feed" stampedes with a bleak low-end rumble, a dense bouncing rhythm lays the framework for the casually shouted vocals and tightly wound guitar scrapes. Combining a nimble approach to noise rock abrasion, Good News balance vibrant hooks and distorted repetition with aplomb. "St. Pete" is the real gem though as the trio decide to get weird, and we all benefit. Built on a semi-motorik churn, the band's duel vocals offer a loose and deranged howl, clamoring out over the pulsating locked-in groove, dashing between syllables with primitive efficiency. The band take you into a hypnotic state of being, all the while making the experience as ugly as they can... in the best of ways.