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Rose Mercie - "Floating" | Essential Listening


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There's something undeniably special about hearing an amazing song for the first time. It can change perspective, mood, and disposition all at once. Rose Mercie's "Floating" is that type of song. Happy Valentine's Day to all, here's a song to love forever. The second single from the Parisian quartet's upcoming self-titled album (due out March 2nd via SDZJelodanti, & Monofonus Press), is hypnotic and nuanced, a slowly building pop song with radiant hooks and subtle post-punk bliss.

With a sparse introduction of alternately ringing notes that linger in the air and a heavy thudding rhythm, "Floating" shares the type of minimal groove that made Grass Widow a legendary band. A warm and fuzzy synth fills out the spacious gaze, adding a lush blanket of reverb to the steady beat. If you're not hooked yet, just wait for the vocals, and prepare to swoon. Rose Mercie's thickened vocal approach (all four members sing) is sweet in execution but packed with an underlying bite. There's something very welcoming and immediate about the repeated refrain, "It's so simple baby... you just got to". Rose Mercie have created an impeccably well crafted and inescapable single, slowly building, one earworm melody at a time. You just got to.

Rose Mercie's self-titled debut is out March 2nd via Monofonus Press, SDZ, & Jelodanti.