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Not For You - "It Can't See" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Everyone has their own taste. Something things are for you. Sometimes they're not for you. In the case of Not For You, it's very much for me, and hopefully for you too. The Chicago based trio are set to release their latest album, Drown, on March 8th via Sooper Records (Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Date Stuff, Longface), a dark and noisy record that blends post-punk, sludgy shoegaze, and doom pop in its own sinister howl. There's a delicate balance between the heavier and discordant moments of their songs with a sense of deconstructed pop, a balance that teeters back and forth, occasionally spilling over in both directions.

"It Can't See," the album's debut single is punchy and erratic, a toppling rhythm leads the cathartic guitar stabs and the harsh melodies. Lindsey Sherman (vocals / guitar) darts between dreamy reverberating verses and bloodletting screams, navigating the dense convulsions of Michael Dunne (bass), and Pasha Petrosyan's (drums) unstable rhythm. It's pop at its most unnerving, and the grainy, dimly psychedelic video, directed by Móni Salazar, is a welcome visual. It's glitchy and disorienting, but there's nothing sordid about it. Same as the music, the darkness lies in the tone, an aggressive blur of chaotic elements delivered with nuance and jagged precision.

Not For You's Drown is out March 8th via Sooper Records.