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Daddies - "Heart" | Post-Trash Premiere

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 6.23.49 PM.png

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Here’s the extent of all I know about New Jersey’s Daddies: they have five members and their mission is “to make rock and roll for your booty and soul.” Set to release their self-titled debut EP early next year with King Pizza Records (Jacques Le Coque, Top Nachos, The Royal They), that’s all the info I have, and the band’s ecstatic garage punk songs do all the rest of the talking. Lucky for everyone, it does plenty of talking and does it loudly. Lead single “Heart” is a big and boisterous garage ripper with a pummeling motorik rhythm and guitars that snake between the beats before overdriving themselves over the mix. There are big stoner riffs, get-the-pals-together vocals, and enough head-banging joy to plaster a smile across any face. As the band shout “I wanna work my way into your heart,” it’s easy to believe they already have.

Upcoming Shows:

12/15 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Gutter w/ Thick
01/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Our Wicked Lady (EP release) w/ The Nuclears, Lumps, & PowerSnap
01/24 - New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ Plaid Dracula
03/02 - Newark, NJ @ Index Art Center (Buy The Ticket Take The Ride - Psychedelic Art Event)