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Dweller - "Bugs" Video | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Earlier this Fall, Philadelphia’s Dweller released their self-titled sophomore album with Forged Artifacts (Alexander, Mr. Husband, Lawn), a jangly batch of indie rock that feels good. Good for the spirit, good for listening… just an overall goodness. We had the pleasure of premiering “Running” from that album, a song that felt like a temporary escape from the world around us. Dweller’s sound is relaxed yet fully realized, each breezy chord progression and softly knotted riff working toward the overall picture.

With a dissonant guitar line and eerie tonality, Dweller album stand-out “Bugs” toes the line between creepy and heartwarming, depending on how you chose to read into the words, “When you think you’re alone you’re not, You’re never alone when there’s bugs by your side.” Comforting? Itchy? Intrigued to hear more? You’re in luck as the band are sharing a new video for the song, with the members performing with an overlaid animated bug or two. Darting between lush vocal harmonies and agitated shouts, this one is Dweller “with the gloves off,” a ripper that burns through filtered distortion and Built to Spill influenced guitar freak-out heroics.