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Nyxy Nyx - "Three-Fold Return" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

To listen to certain people talk about Philadelphia’s Nyxy Nyx is the talk to legends. I’ve heard bands speak as though they were telling tall tales about the project and its enigmatic leader Brian Reichert. As part of the same orbit that once brought the world Ugh God, Sun Organ, and Gunk, Reichert has amassed a large catalog of forward thinking lo-fi folk, experimental psych, and sluggish indie rock. Prolific is an understatement. Set to release Magic Coffin Ride, a new full length due out December 7th via Blight Records, something feels different about this record, and it’s not just the fact that its being promoted.

Sprawling lead single “Three-Fold Return” is a warm splatter of layers, both acoustic and electric, feeding back and strumming blissfuly in unison. It’s a landslide of texture without sonic overload, each fuzzy burst adding its own nuance before fading back in the hypnosis of it all. Expanding for nearly eight minutes with what programmed rhythms, shoegazey dirges, and what sounds like an omnichord filling the emptiest of spaces, it’s all stunning and focused, even as it warps itself into the ether of natural reverb and cascading repetition.

Nyxy Nyx’s Magic Coffin Ride is out December 9th via Blight Records.