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halfsour - "Left My Hair In Detroit" | Post-Trash Premiere

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by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

For Boston’s halfsour, their new single “Left My Hair In Detroit” is the end of an era and a passage toward the future. The song is the final written with the band’s former drummer Ian Gustafson as well as the last song for the foreseeable future to feature Matt Mara on lead vocals. Change may be on the horizon for the Zoë Wyner led band, but the trio are going out with a bang with a two-song “cassingle” due out via Disposable America (Alexander, Lilith, Beverly Tender) that’s full of colossal power-pop and the type of scorched fuzz melodies that would make Archers of Loaf proud. With the end of this chapter for the band now in place, the trio (now rounded out by Travis Hagan) are ready to offer something new.

“Left My Hair In Detroit” offers one last look back at the band that was… the swaggering, energetic, and earnest barn-burners that embraced radio-friendly pummeling with the same regard they do distorted slacker pop. As Mara howls, “I keep on trying / I’ve got some things coming together” there’s a fully formed sense of positivity erupting between detached solos and the penultimate locked groove of the rhythm section. It’s bright and shimmering, capable to destruction with its glare but generally just good natured and ready to rip.

Tour Dates:
11/27: Cambridge, MA @ The Sinclair w/ Speedy Ortiz & Palberta
12/03: Cambridge, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ Jabber, Ramona, & Leopard Print Taser
12/07: Dover, NH @ Sue's w/ Greed Island, Boston Cream, & Jordan Holtz (Rick Rude)
12/08: Brooklyn, NY @ East Williamsburg Econo Lodge w/ Big Bliss & Peel Dream Magazine
12/15: New Haven, CT @ NG2BC w/ Spit-Take, Dust Control, Honey Cutt, & Pasha

halfsour’s Left My Hair In Detroit / Values single is out December 7th via Disposable America.