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Sediment Club - "Hydraulic Saint (Live at Trixie's Palace)" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Patrick Pilch (@pratprilch)

New York City punk stalwarts Sediment Club recently joined the 10 year club; an unimaginable yet undoubtedly applaudable achievement to be reached in an ever-shifting DIY scene. But early in the tenth year of their existence, horror struck. Days before kicking off their seven night “Back on Our Winter ISH Tour,” Jackie McDermott (drums) suffered from a fractured olecranon (elbow). Scrambling to uphold the show-biz doctrine, McDermott hastily programmed a substitute drum-machine for the wild east coast run. From Maine to Virginia, the band and the machine managed to successfully rip through Sediment Club oldies and Stucco Thieves newbies, upholding the unsettling realization that the robots really are taking our jobs.

Today, Post-Trash is especially excited to premiere a thrilling live cut of “Hydraulic Saint” from the band’s set at Trixie’s Palace in Boston. The recording of the Stucco Thieves highlight is testimony to Sediment Club’s status as an underground phenomenon, proving the band’s ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles with style and grace. For the length of the live tape, increasingly enthusiastic whoops and ‘fuck yeah’-s indicate pleasant surprise amongst audience members, as the band exceeds any sub-par expectations brought on by a percussionist on injury reserve.

Sediment Club’s Live At Trixie’s Palace is out November 4th via Wharf Cat and Death By Sheep Records. Be sure to check out Sediment Club (with some very special unannounced guests) this Sunday (11/4) at The Glove.