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Gnarcissists - "Gnarcissists" EP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

New York quartet Gnarcissists have carved out a return to snotty, brash, and filthy punk on their self-titled debut EP. It’s built on jangly punk riffs that recall the grime of the city’s bands in the 80’s, spitting, slurring, dangerously belligerent, and glorious reckless. Both clever and aggressive, the band thrash through would-be-pop songs, observing their surrounding from the depths. Gnarcissists scorn is delivered with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor - biting and frantic, but sarcastic and delightfully stumbling from one gutter anthem to the next. Set for a digital release today with records expected out on October 28th via the band’s own Bliss NYC 2018 imprint, we’re excited to share the first listen.

“Fentanyl,” an ode to commonly abused drug, is all shimmering jangle, a rolling punk song that collapses midway through only to come back in a relapse of jubilant haze. Recalling bands like The Black Lips (who Gnarcissists are supporting in December) and Fat White Family, it’s an upbeat song but no less sordid for it. Previous single “We All Just Wanna” is the band at their catchiest, belting out bleeding hooks with a dizzying charm, howling “we all just wanna live in New York City, we all just wanna get by, we all just wanna get high.” It’s untamed and relatable, destructive with a knowing grin. The back half of the record brilliantly devolves with the furious “Models” and “Buzzin,” a scourge of sludgy riffs and pounding rhythms, aimed forever downward burrowing deep into the dirt with overdriven force and maniacally yelped vocals. It’s the perfect end to a primal experience, loose and deranged, and tempting you to hit play from the start again.


10/08 - Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere w/ Tropical Fuck Storm
10/27 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right w/ Surfbort
10/31 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Knockdown Center - Jonathan Toubin's Haunted Hop (as Butthole Surfers)
12/15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere w/ The Black Lips