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Glass Slipper - "Deadbeat" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Glass Slipper’s rambunctious and blown out sound has found the perfect home at King Pizza Records (The Royal They, Top Nachos, The Duke of Surl), a sanctuary for loud garage punk bands that do it all for the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and a couple of beers. The new Brooklyn quartet, which features members of The Mad Doctors, will release their bad tones meets good vibes self-titled debut on November 9th, wherever reckless fuzz rock abandonment is found. The rhythms pound and skitter under the collapsing weight of brash guitars and heaps of feedback, Dave Harris (guitar/vocals) shouting in long enunciated howls.

Glass Slipper’s latest single, “Deadbeat,” pulsates open with a rapid twisted bass line thats driving yet funky, a burly and tangled spinal adjustment that never flinches or waivers. The drums kick in with a sidewinding guitar riff, rumbling as it kicks up dust and darts between the frantic bass boogie. Harris’ yelps and accented and coated in a dingy reverb, perfect for yelling along to in your dankest of house show basements.

Glass Slipper’s self-titled album is out November 9th via King Pizza Records.