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Boreen - "Lovely" LP | Post-Trash Premiere


by Myles Dunhill (@MylesDunhill)

Boreen is the creative outlet for Portland resident, Morgan O’Sullivan, who has been releasing a consistent string of albums since the project’s inception a few years ago. On Lovely, his latest release, we’re given a warm collection of tender hush-voiced effervescent pop leaning more toward the lo-fi side of the spectrum and perfectly executing an isolationist vision of solitary utopia. The end result is a shimmering beacon; a true light at the end of the tunnel for anyone looking to find deeper meaning in a life occupied with routine and desire.

Though very much a solo endeavor, Morgan’s friends often accompany him adding their own flair and personal touch. The songs stripped-down would be powerful enough on their own, yet the rich production, intricate instrumentation, and use of field-recordings elevate these pieces into a rich tapestry brimming with atmosphere. With such an immaculate polish each track rides high on an illuminated melodic sweetness while maintaining a delicate tone recalling majestic bedroom pop greats like Sparklehorse and Grandaddy. Lovely is somehow both a somber and uplifting record; a document of someone not only discovering the value of life but creating it as well.

Boreen’s Lovely is out October 26th via Good Cheer Records.