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Katrina Stonehart - "Dan Goldberg Goes to Ralph's Deli" | Post-Trash Premiere

Katrina Stonehart - Here Is Everywhere - Digital Artwork_1400.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

You just never know what to expect from the experimental side-project of an already experimental band, but the chances are you’re in for something unique, challenging, and if nothing else, an interesting listen. Such can be said about Brooklyn’s Katrina Stonehart, the solo nom-de-plume of Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk’s Drew Gibson. Set to release Here Is Everywhere on November 9th via Fire Talk Records (Monteagle, Deeper, Julian), Stonehart’s third album is at times meditative and serene but also cluttered and immersive at others. Primarily wordless (though not without vocals), Gibson explores various moods and themes, never sticking in the same place for long because as the title says, “here is everywhere.”

Following lead single “You Already Know” and it’s detuned, detached, acoustics and tension inducing guitars, “Dan Goldberg Goes To Ralph’s Deli” takes a wildly different approach, offering a warped but bright dance track built on a drum machine groove and the sunny ooze of overblown reverb. It’s tightly layered instrumentation is led to bleed from one source to the next, a heaping of manipulated sound to dissect one piece at a time.

Katrina Stonehart’s Here Is Everywhere is out November 9th via Fire Talk Records.